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Tilly’s Signature Fresh Clotted Cream

A Taste of Tradition in the Heart of America

Straight from the heart of England, no proper Afternoon Tea or scone would dare show its face without the crown jewel… clotted cream! It’s been described as boasting a rich, sweet flavor like heavy cream, coupled with a texture akin to butter. The big question? Did this majesty begin in Devon or Cornwall? The ancient tales point to Tavistock Abbey’s monks as early clotted cream maestros in the 14th century. Vikings came a-knocking in AD 997, but fear not, these monks rebuilt with a little help from their friends, dishing out bread, clotted cream, and strawberry preserves as a heartfelt thank you. And in the 1658 cookbook “The Compleat Cook,” they’ve got the secret to making “clouted cream.”

At Tilly’s, we tip our hat to tradition by handcrafting the real deal – authentic, homemade clotted cream. As the sole supplier of fresh clotted cream in the US, we pride ourselves on sourcing the best local ingredients, ensuring our cream is the bee’s knees. Each spoonful is a taste of jolly old England, in your cuppa or atop your scone.

Join us in relishing the classic English tea party with our clotted cream ready for a spot in your kitchen, available in-store and online. But hold your horses! Clotted cream isn’t just for scones – it’s the secret ingredient that jazzes up cakes, soups, pasta, and more. It’s not your run-of-the-mill condiment, it’s a culinary gem that elevates any dish it graces.

Seeking the perfect gift for gourmet foodies, expats, or intrepid travelers who’ve savored the delights of cream across the pond? Look no further than Tilly’s! We’re passionate about bringing a taste of the UK to your doorstep. Our authentic, homemade clotted cream isn’t just a delectable addition to your afternoon tea; it’s a piece of British culture you can share and savor. Whether you’re reminiscing about the cobblestone streets of England or introducing friends to your delights from Blighty, our clotted cream is the quintessential taste of Britain, perfect for gifting or relishing at home.

Tea to the English is like a picnic indoors, and clotted cream is the VIP guest, bringing that touch of elegance to your cozy cuppa. So put on the kettle and immerse yourself in the timeless Devon vs. Cornwall debate: jam or cream first on your scone? It’s the ultimate English squabble! Devon insists the cream takes the lead, while Cornwall fiercely stands by jam first. At Tilly’s, we embrace this delicious feud, catering to both camps. Pick your team, spread it your way, and relish the taste of our authentic clotted cream.

Tilly’s clotted cream… bringing authenticity, luxury, and a bit of British banter to your table.

“God Save Our Cream”